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What is Cheeky Kyser ?

Cheeky Kyser is a unique NFT collection, portraying characters from world-famous movies.

It’s the first public NFT collection by an experienced French artist @CryptoKyser.

What’s in the Cheeky Kyser collection ?

The Cheeky Kyser collection contains a selection of 52 films from the top 100 iconic movies of all time. Each movie was hand-picked to allow as many people as possible to find something to their taste and relate to at least one Cheeky Kyser. These NFTs are a nod to the entire film industry that’s helped us dream bigger and forget our daily worries since childhood.

Cheeky Kyser NFTs come in 3 editions.

What are the 3 editions of the Cheeky Kyser ?

There are a total of 52 different rigorously selected movies that we based our Cheeky Kysers on. Two out of three editions contain copies of the cards, making the total number of NFTs available for purchase on OpenSea : 468.

Here are the three editions:

  • Original Edition (260 NFTs): this is the realistic colored version. There are 5 copies of each Original Edition Cheeky Kyser. The collection is accessible on OpenSea by clicking here.

  • Silver Edition (156 NFTs): this is the silver, iridescent version. Some additional elements are shown on the drawings. This edition is more rare. 3 copies exist for each Cheeky Kyser. The collection is accessible on OpenSea by clicking here.

  • Gold Edition (52 NFTs): this is the most luxurious gold version. Unique details and rarity characterize this edition. One copy only for each Cheeky Kyser. Gold edition is accessible on OpenSea via the following link.

What’s the idea behind the Cheeky Kyser ?

Minimalism. Precision. Interactivity.

@CryptoKyser is an artist who studied art. He realized that the best bridge between realism and imagination was minimalist art which allowed a creator to hint at an idea, suggest the barest minimum necessary to convey the intended meaning and leave everything else for viewers to appropriate and interpret. After several years of studying the concept of the spectator gaze and a few attempts at this project, @CryptoKyser finally decided that the best way to make suggestive but not imposing designs was through the most minimalist representation possible.

This is how the Cheeky Kyser collection as you can see it now was born.

Why buy a Cheeky Kyser ?

The Cheeky Kyser NFTs come in a very limited supply: only 468 pieces, all editions combined. They were not automatically generated by an AI but hand-drawn by the artist himself. They are the fruit of more than several years of work. In addition to their rarity and uniqueness, Cheeky Kysers evoke—hopefully good—memories in viewers by picturing 52 familiar and iconic films. To hold a Cheeky Kyser is to own a souvenir of its history; a memory that’s different but dear for each of us.

This is why a Cheeky Kyser card is so personal and tied to its owner.

What can I do with my card ?

Enjoy and keep it, above all else! You can also treat it as an investment, as we expect the demand for Cheeky Kysers to go on after the NFTs are sold out. And, of course, owning a Cheeky Kyser gives you a chance to win larger rewards in the Cheeky Kyser Challenge.

Also, if you keep your card for long enough, we might have something in store for you. Each Cheeky Kyser has its special traits. These are Fun, Killer, Love, Power and Intelligence. We intend to slowly build an entire cinematic universe around these pilot 52 cards. Possible games, staking options, Metaverse crossovers and so on may be coming.

Keep in touch on our social media to stay tuned :)

When can I buy a card and at what price ?

The sale of the NFTs is scheduled for the end of February on the OpenSea platform. The price for a Cheeky Kyser in the Original edition will be 0.03 ETH, for a Cheeky Kyser in the Silver edition 0.05 ETH and finally for a Cheeky Kyser in the Gold edition: 0.15 ETH or Auction.

Even though we’re not on sale yet, you can already make offers on the NFTs! We do not rule out accepting one or two before the sale starts.

What's the Cheeky Kyser challenge ?

The Cheeky Kyser Challenge is a game in which everybody is invited to guess the 52 films that were selected for the creation of the Cheeky Kyser project.

Anyone can play and try their luck. Each time a person attempts the challenge, they will receive which movies they got right and which wrong. They can freely share this info with the community if they wish, helping others find all 52 hidden movies. Players can communicate on our Discord (accessible here). Those who successfully identify all 52 cards will be able to enter a lottery with a chance to win up to 3,000 BUSD.

Read the terms and conditions of the challenge by clicking here.

We have also set up a Mini Cheeky Kyser Challenge with no rewards, just for fun. You can try your hand at finding 15 out of the 52 movies with unlimited attempts.

The Mini Cheeky Kyser Challenge is accessible here.

Do you have any future editions planned ?

The artist is still contemplating this question. Most likely, yes. Several ideas are already on the table. Our whole team is getting more inspired by the day, and, surely, we all want this project to last for as long as it can be high-quality and interesting. So, a second edition would definitely be welcome, but right now, we can’t say for sure. We’ll keep you posted on the evolution of the project on our social media:


Cheeky Kyser Roadmap
  • S2 2021 : Creation of first Cheeky Kyser edition

  • Feb 2022 : Start of sale

  • Q1 2022 : Cheeky Kyser Challenges

  • Q3 2022 : Cheeky Kyser Enigma

  • S2 2022 : Cheeky Kyser second edition (to be validated)

Thinking about :

    • Cheeky Kyser Game (game with Cheeky Kyser cards)

    • Staking

    • Metaverse