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About the Cheeky Kyser™

Cheeky Kyser brings you art in its purest, simplest form. No frills, no excess. Just a moment of life, captured at the perfect time.

We offer an entire cinematic universe represented by 52 Cheeky Kyser models. Cheeky Kyser is intergenerational. Each model fixes a moment, an emotion, a memory. The magic of Cheeky Kyser stems from the art that manages to represent the complexity of a scene with minimalistic but incredibly expressive design.

Love it or hate it, Cheeky Kyser leaves no one indifferent.

Everyone will find their very own Cheeky Kyser. Since each of our models is drawn by hand, with no automatic generation, everybody will get their unique Cheeky Kyser. Choose from our Original, Silver and Gold editions and get ready to begin: owning a Cheeky Kyser is awesome enough, but playing with it is even better ;)

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About Author : CryptoKyser

CryptoKyser is a French artist specializing in minimalist art.

Passionate about digital art, collecting, freedom and being a keen observer, he considers the emergence of NFTs to be a powerful lifeline for creators. They help artists, particularly those still unknown, bring their talent and skill to the general public while protecting them from counterfeit and theft.

CryptoKyser is a fervent defender of blockchain technology, and he participates in many projects related to battling forgery and promoting art: VeChain, Theta, Only1, etc. CryptoKyser has never published his works on the Internet. These creations are personal and specific to each occasion. Today, the Cheeky Kyser are his first mainstream publication.

"Beyond all speculation, NFTs are a chance, a chance to get acquainted with art and quickly obtain unique and authentic works.."

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